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Top 4 Scalable Technologies for Fast-Growing Startups

Fast-growing startups need technology that grows and adapts to their ever-changing needs.

These scalable technologies are valuable because they eliminate the need to be replaced during periods of rapid growth and provide the ideal level of support and flexibility fast-growing startup businesses need to adapt to evolving work process demands.

1. Usage Analytics

Usage analytics allow you to access and evaluate your internal data and provide employees with immediate access to essential information with ease.

Analytics tools such as Google Analytics are ideal for all-size companies and help track various data sets such as employee activity and productivity, customer activity, and company performance.

This type of technology is scalable because it helps track growth and provides valuable information to help with internal communications and external needs to reach goals and growth expectations.  

2. Corporate Communication Platforms

Corporate communication platforms can come in the form of apps for messaging and sending project information, ideas, and details across all startup channels.

They allow all team members to remain informed and improve communications considerably. This technology is essential for any rapidly growing startup.

Modern companies use this easily scalable technology across all industries, and it can provide services for startups and corporations alike.

Some examples of well-known companies providing this type of service include video conferencing organizations Skype and Google Hangouts, business chat applications like Slack, and centralized platforms with multiple functions like Microsoft Teams.

They’re easily scalable because they are used within large and small companies and fit perfectly into your business flow. They also download on most electronic devices for easy access on the go.

3. Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) monitors software applications to measure their performance and availability. This software helps fast-growing startups maintain a high service level and eliminate errors and issues within business systems.

APM monitors computational resources used to load business applications and performance metrics for the user. This is a top technology pick to help keep multiple applications and processes running smoothly, including advanced applications such as AI.

This technology is highly scalable because it’s designed to support complex processes necessary for growing companies that need application management to keep up with demand fluctuations.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows startups to store and retrieve data at a moment’s notice with no physical servers. This option frees up space and resources and provides a higher degree of security and reliability. Cloud services are quickly becoming essential for any fast-growing startup operating in today’s rapidly changing and growing markets.

TheCompuLab offers cloud services that are game-changing for up-and-coming businesses, including cloud migration, offsite backups, cloud applications, and secure cloud file sharing.

As a trusted IT company in Pompano Beach, we help our clients get the best out of their cloud usage with benefits such as enterprise security, scalability, collaboration, and automation.

Incorporating Scalable Technology is a Must for Startups

Avoid the issues that can stem from rapid growth within your startup by incorporating these technologies into your business operations. Utilizing scalable services that change and grow with your needs helps you avoid problems both right now and down the line and enables faster, easier expansion.

Contact TheCompuLab today to get an analysis of your current business needs and integrate the technology solutions and services that can help you operate seamlessly and securely.

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best tech tools from a managed service provider

4 Tech Investments for Your Business that Provide the Best Return

Technology is a vital aspect of business, and knowing which tools to implement can make the difference between just another expense and a true investment in your equipment and tools. Below we list four tech tools that can provide the best return on your investment. 

1. Computer Network Setup

Your computer network keeps your team connected, from their emails to file sharing. This is especially important if you’ve pivoted to a remote work setup, as your team must remain connected to the network while they work from their respective homes.

Working with a managed IT services team like TheCompuLab can help you implement a secure, robust network setup that can handle your workload and protect you from network crashes. With the right network setup, you never have to worry about unexpected downtime caused by overloads that can kill progress for hours at a time.

2. Software and Workflow Tools

Software like Microsoft Office provides your team with the ability to create documents, manage spreadsheets, and create presentations for all your projects. Workflow applications can keep your team organized and efficient. These planning tools also offer transparency to project managers so they can ensure all members are on task to meet the deadlines set.

Documenting these processes with task management tools easily beats back-and-forth emails, verbal exchanges in meetings, and any other manual tracking which can completely derail your projects. Efficiency keeps your team progressing forward, and the right tech tools can work wonders for your team’s ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A good CRM like SalesForce or HubSpot accomplishes several tasks that benefit your business, including acquiring and retaining customers. Throughout your CRM, you designate the workflow required, including necessary documents, agreements, and points of contact. A CRM also collects crucial data which permits you to make substantiated decisions for financial growth.

This invaluable tool lets you filter your client list by region or other type to extract the information you need for regular marketing blasts and other high-level decisions. You can automate follow-up messages after a first-time setup, which frees up your sales team to focus on sales instead of administrative tasks.

Ultimately, a CRM helps you remain organized and create relationships with your customers, which is invaluable in the expansion of your business.

4. Online Meeting Scheduler

Set your schedule availability and let your clients choose the slot that works for them. It’s no longer required for you to “check your calendar” when a client wants to book a meeting. Simply link your Calendly or other scheduler to your email signature, and your meeting schedule becomes a breeze. An automatically updating scheduler not only improves your clients’ experience, it saves you the time of going back and forth to coordinate your schedules.

Choose the Right Tech for Your Business

With so many options and specialty tools available, you may understandably be overwhelmed or unsure of exactly which options will best benefit your business. Luckily, an experienced IT provider like TheCompuLab can help you make the very best technology decisions for your business.

We’re experienced in helping businesses optimize their IT for success. Our skilled technicians can help you develop an IT strategy that has all the right tools and processes you need for maximum efficiency, and maximum return on your investment.

With us as your managed service provider and IT partner, there’s no guesswork involved; you can trust our experience connecting businesses with technology. Contact TheCompuLab to request an IT analysis for your business today!

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man on a computer deciding between cloud computing models

SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS: Which Cloud Computing Model Is Best?

Cloud solutions are something that most of us are familiar with. For businesses, cloud solutions protect against potential data loss and theft, as well as streamlining the way that many businesses work.

Despite the prevalence of cloud in tech articles and more, adoption of cloud solutions has been slow for many businesses. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for many businesses to quickly adopt a home working model, things are beginning to accelerate, with almost 50% of organizations now making cloud transformations as a result of the pandemic.

If your business is looking to move to the cloud, you’ll need to make a choice between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS – three different cloud computing models that provide different services to business. 

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hacker on computer searching dark web

Why Your Business Data Might Be on the Dark Web

There are a number of ways that someone can hack into your business online and put in on the dark web for illicit sale. If this happens, then you could be in a tough situation financially and legally, which is why you want to avoid this at all costs.

The dark web is becoming a bigger issue than ever before. There are more people using it and hiding themselves using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that their communications are untraceable. 

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man using the cloud

5 Tips for a Smooth Cloud Migration

So you’re making the big move to the cloud! You can look forward to the benefits of the cloud for hosting data or workflow. Now it’s time to focus on the process of cloud migration.

Cloud migration isn’t a simple task, even for a small business. No matter the size, most companies have a lot more data and critical applications than they realize. If your goal is a cloud migration with limited downtime, here are a few tips to help the process go more smoothly.

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man using computer software

Don’t Snooze Your Updates: The Risks of Out-of-Date Software

Software is a big part of any business’s operations. On your computer, you likely have many software applications that help you manage your workflow and complete a variety of work responsibilities.

Every now and then, you get notifications that you’re due for an update. It’s common for many people to ignore or snooze these updates repeatedly, or cancel them entirely. It might seem as though the software is working fine as is, and so spending time on an update is unnecessary.

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water pipe

Florida Water Hack Proves Importance of Cybersecurity

A recent hack on the water systems in Florida is reinforcing the need for all businesses to have a robust cybersecurity plan.

In February, a hacker got into the systems of the Oldsmar Water Treatment Plant. An employee noticed his mouse cursor was moving strangely on his screen, without his control. Later that afternoon, the cursor started clicking through the water treatment plant’s controls. Within seconds, the hacker was trying to change the water supply’s sodium hydroxide levels. High levels of sodium hydroxide, or lye, can cause severe damage to any human tissue it comes into contact with.

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two men reviewing business planning documents

Intro to Disaster Recovery Planning

Every organization always has been and will always be threatened by system outages that can tank the entire business operations flow. When you take into account the fact that downtime costs companies between $10K to $5M per hour, it’s easy to see how even a system outage lasting a few hours can be financially devastating.

The good news is, there is something you can do to minimize that risk; it’s called business disaster recovery planning.

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Florida skyline with palm trees

What to Know When Transferring Your Business to Florida

With lower taxes being the main driving force, tons of businesses have found themselves moving to “tax-friendly” states, like Florida, and the fantastic beach-front housing opportunities and warm year-round weather makes that move even better! 

Florida, in particular, because of its SALT tax method (which allows taxpayers to itemize more deductions, such as property taxes, for greater tax breaks) is a veritable safe-haven for those who are looking to ease their tax burden. Due to Coronavirus, many are being urged to relocate to Florida in numbers as high as 1,000 per day, often bringing their work with them. 

Those who are looking ahead at a business transfer to Florida can make their relocation smooth by using the following tips:

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man on computer working from home

Hybrid Work: What It Is and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Since the onset of COVID-19, hybrid working has emerged as a handy strategy for businesses. The hybrid model combines both office time and work-from-home. It’s a more flexible approach meant to increase flexibility and efficiency in the workplace.

According to a Gartner study, 82% of company leaders intend to allow employees to alternate between the office and remote work. Since full remote working can be challenging in some businesses, many companies are willing to adopt hybrid work. This model has proven more favorable than only working from home due to its flexibility.

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